Orbel® its in your hands

Panorama of a happy nurse with a san Orbel in a nursing home

The Pandemic is far from over….. But as Covid restrictions are eased across England’s care homes, how are you keeping your residents, employees, and visitors safe and sanitised when INDOOR visiting Is increased? – “Let’s prevent Care Home Acquired Infections”

What are your Infection Prevention Measures and Controls for Hand Hygiene ?

At XEC7 we have the answer for you in Orbel® your personal, portable, mobile hand sanitiser for healthcare settings and healthcare workers. (on-site and off-site)

Challenges we know understand:

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) are a global problem. Bacteria and viruses are constantly being brought into hospitals and care homes.  80% of bacteria and viruses are left, The major challenge for healthcare organisation’s and healthcare workers is how to stop bacteria and viruses from spreading among patient populations. 

World Health Organisation has shown that there is a lack of hand-hygiene compliance to baseline standards among health care workers worldwide.

Orbel® is the answer:

For each health care worker, this is a personal, portable, mobile, and user-friendly hand hygiene device.

Orbel® is a design-led solution to aid in increasing hand hygiene compliance amongst us all.

Orbel®design allows it to be easily used and attached, clipped, fastened (whichever way you choose) onto a belt or pocket, clothing or to be hung from the neck or a bag. Ideal for healthcare workers in a busy multi-patient, multi-interaction environments.

Orbel® was designed to make this swiping action habit forming, aiding COMPLIANCE.

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