Orbel personal hand sanitiser – we should all be using one at this time

NHS bloodbiker with Orbel

Orbel mobile sanitiser – we should all be using one at this time.”

Being a volunteer blood-biker, it is important I can hand sanitise on a regular basis, as I come into contact with multiple touch-point areas within hospitals, GP Surgeries, pathology labs and on my bike.Handling packaged samples of covid, blood, others, as well as doing vehicle handovers and relays with colleagues/volunteers from other areas.Orbel personal portable hand sanitiser from XEC7, is great, as it is personal , easy to use for me, It maintains my productivity as I am not having to find hand sanitising stations each time, and can personally hand sanitise anytime / every time. Everyone that sees it wants one !

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Mark  NHS Blood Biker

NHS bloodbiker with Orbel
NHS bloodbiker with Orbel

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