Adam Sutcliffe Orbel

Practising good hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), which affect hundreds of millions of patients around the world each year.

However, infections, as we now know, are a problem everywhere, not just in hospital settings. Everyday activities and everyday places provide opportunities for germs to spread.

The fact that the main mechanism of transfer of infections is dirty hands is now known globally, yet people are still not cleaning their hands as often as they should because it is not typically an easy, immediate action we are able to perform.

This is why Orbel is different. It solves the accessibility challenge because it is always with you, ready to use. With one swipe, enough sanitising gel is dispensed to clean both hands. A key benefit is that it is designed to be habit forming, so the wearer uses it subconsciously.

For each health care worker, this is a personal, portable, mobile, and user-friendly hand hygiene device.

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