XEC7 awarded freedom to Operate by Orbel®

XEC7 awarded freedom to operate by Orbel Health giving the XEC7 Group access to all sectors in the UK and EU

Very proud to announce XEC7 has been awarded the freedom to operate in the United Kingdom and Europe and the EU.  This a thank you for our hard work with the fantastic Orbel® brand this year.

With our mission to dramatically reduce Health Care Asscociated Infections underway, this expansion will see our efforts Increased within social care and medical to really support those most vulnerable and effected by Infections like MRSA, E-Coli and MSSA to name a few.

HCAI’s accounted for around 28500 deaths in UK hospitals and a total cost of £2.7 Billion in 2020/21/ which has again seen an Increase, products like Orbel® are key to driving down these numbers.

Our current case study’s underway in the UK are showing leaps in Increased compliance, with the results being released later this month, certainly early indications are seeing over 50% increase
in hand hygiene compliance, we can’t say how much over just yet.

This is achieved in 2 ways firstly due to Orbel® accessibility, sanitising anytime, anyplace, anywhere using the 5 moment protocols specifically.

Secondly Orbel® has a pleasure response, the tactile one-handed swipe is rewarded with a pleasant light
massage of the hand, and then the pleasant fragrance specifically designed and
manufactured by Orbel®
This Increases the habit of hand hygiene which in turn raises the use of standardised methods of hand cleaning, this could be wall mounted or soap and water.

Designed in the UK Orbel® receive the iF Design awards title in 2016, “Tipped by James Dyson at the Royal London Imperial College. Invented by Adam Sutcliffe in 2012 to reduce touch point Infection.

XEC7 is proud to be working with the global team in the advancement of Orbel®.  And very much look forward to the exciting future for the brands product lines.  

Through Improved hand hygiene we can trully save lives.

contact sales@xec7.com

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