XEC7 has today launched the award-winning Orbel® for the Healthcare Industry.

Orbel® launch into healthcare

XEC7 launches into the UK Healthcare Industry with the award-winning Orbel®

Our mission “To save lives through Improved Hand Hygiene”

XEC7 Group has today launched the award-winning Orbel® mobile hand sanitiser into the healthcare industry.

Spencer Hemming, Founder of XEC7 Group, The Orbel® is very much a product of its time. It will enable the Healthcare Professionals (HCP’s) to deliver a disinfecting product that offers an immediate and effective hand sanitisation solution anytime anyplace.

We know that infections can be contracted through touchpoint surfaces that have been infected by airborne spread “what goes up must come down”. We also know that viruses can survive for up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, less than 4 hours on copper, and less than 24 hours on cardboard. So, whilst airborne contamination remains a primary infection mechanism, we think that touchpoint transmission needs to be included within any robust infection prevention strategy to properly safeguard patients/visitors and staff members alike.

When searched, most widely publicised is that on average 80% of infection are transmitted by the hands.

The habit of hygiene has somewhat been lost over time with just 60% of us consistently following the standard guidance at pre-pandemic levels. Orbel® was designed to educate the habit of hand hygiene, in supporting the areas that lapse for many reasons like forgetting, or accessibility and most recently alarmingly, theft of sanitiser in the dispensers or simply just not being aware as we are today and the effects of our small misdemeanours.

Infections in healthcare settings by the nature have a much more serious outcome. We have had Covid-19 virus amongst the annual flu that affects so many of us every year.

So, in essence, the phenomena of infection in health care settings are indeed nothing new. Creating innovative ways to support hand hygiene compliance is key in the fight against infection. Orbel® adopts that theory by design.

Orbel® mobile hand sanitiser clips onto the person, so it is at easy arm’s reach and effectively becomes an extension of the user’s hand. The user can simply rub a single hand across Orbel® patented roller-ball system and rounded design, to release a 72% ethyl-alcohol premium hand sanitiser gel designed by Orbel® which has a pleasant fragrance.

Orbel® gel is stronger formula than many on the market and effectively kills 99.999% of germs in 15 seconds, in line with recommendations from the WHO (World Health Organisation). With a single swipe, enough gel is dispensed onto a user’s hands to sanitise both hands.

Another advantage of Orbel® compared to standard alcohol dispensers is that Orbel® coats the fingertips first, making it easier to reach areas linked to cross-contamination, including under the fingernails. It is also very utilitarian – if a user is wearing it, it will be being used. That is not necessarily the case with a typical flip-top dispenser that can just stay closed all day.

Orbel® roller ball design on a medical professional

Orbel® award-winning design also borrows a page from neuroscience, as it can convert the hand hygiene process from something that is normally high-attention and time-consuming for the brain into an automatic process, also known as “muscle memory”. With Orbel®, there is a pleasure-reward response created by the positive stimulation of the hand with its tactile rollerballs and cooling gel that reinforces neural pathways, creating subconscious repeatable habits.

OUR MISSION is to “Save lives through Improved hand hygiene”

Orbel® is available to all UK businesses.

please contact sales@xec7.com or Gerrod.mellor@xec7.com(Head of Sales)

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