XEC7 Launches Orbel® at London Health Plus Care Show
UK and EU healthcare facilities now see dramatic surges in personal hygiene compliance, positively impacting infection control.
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Changing the habit of hand hygiene Orbel
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XEC7 Launches Orbel® at London Health Plus Care Show

• UK and EU healthcare facilities will now see dramatic surges in personal hygiene compliance, positively Impacting Infection control compliance

• Orbel® personal hand sanitiser revolutionary design uses “natural instinct” to clean hands

• Supporting WHO 5 moment protocols. 

• Over 800 attendees visited the XEC7 exhibit, and over 2500 samples of Orbel® were given to
care workers from all sectors of healthcare.


In May 2022, XEC7 launched the revolutionary personal hand sanitiser, Orbel®, at the Health Plus Care Show at London’s Excel. More than 800 attendees visited the XEC7 exhibit with over 2500 samples given to healthcare industry representatives such as porters, surgeons, leaders of trusts, doctors, nurses, infection control managers and care workers. Individuals and organisations from all sectors were awed by the unique yet intuitive design of the innovative personal hand sanitiser, Orbel®.


“The response was truly astonishing,” says Spencer Hemming, CEO of the XEC7 Group. “It’s been a long, tough journey over two years to get Orbel® approved for the UK market and have stock on the ground to supply a volume across the UK. All in the very place it was designed in, and for, back in 2012 – the launch experience was genuinely magical.”


To use Orbel®, simply swipe the unit with your fingers and palm adjusting the pressure to get the right amount of gel. With its patented roller ball design and snap-on clip system, your personal Orbel® goes wherever you go! Ideal for anyone on the move since there’s always instant accessibility.

With just a single swipe of your hand, enough gel can be released to sanitise both hands as per the WHO recommended guidelines. Clean your hands thoroughly, ensuring the gel spreads across your hands, even your fingers tips! Wait a few seconds for your hands to dry, and you are ready to face the world!


Sounds simple enough, yet the design and the psychology behind it are remarkable.


Clean hands for keeping germs at bay has always been a constant struggle. Germs are everywhere and seem inescapable, so the battle to maintain clean hands is never-ending. Hygiene compliance fights time pressures, limited facility access, a lack of understanding, skin irritation, and outright forgetfulness.

However, Orbel® returned to every human’s instinctive reaction to wipe our dirty hands on our trousers. We are born with the genetic code to wipe messy hands. Just watch any child with dirty hands!


“As adults, we retain the instinct to wipe or clean our hands, often on whatever is nearby and accessible, including trousers, shirt, apron, or tissues. Wiping is simply natural instinct,” Spencer continues. “Orbel® award-winning design borrows a page from neuroscience, converting high attention and time-consuming function for the brain like handwashing into an automatic process. So, the habit of hand hygiene now supports other standards like wall-mounted hand hygiene.”


Using Orbel® personal hand sanitiser fills gaps in compliance no other product can fill, so healthcare facilities now see a dramatic surge in personal hygiene compliance. This increased compliance quickly makes a positive impact on infection control.

Orbel® was created and patented by the James Dyson Award-winning inventor, Adam Sutcliffe (within the accelerator programme run by Imperial College and the Royal College of Art, London, and was dubbed as “the next big thing” by Sir James Dyson.


“To finally be out shaking hands safely, meeting face-to-face at the Health Plus Care Show was an incredible opportunity to see Orbel® in action. Watching the positive reactions of care professionals was a truly inspiring experience,” concludes Spencer.


Michael Woods CEO of Orbel Health follows: “Bringing a novel and disruptive solution to the market is a complicated task for all innovation companies so Orbel® is pleased to have an excellent partner in Europe with XEC7 who has shown creativity and commitment to navigating the complicated market environment to execute an incredible product launch. We’re excited to add the UK to the list of countries where Orbel® personal hand sanitiser can now contribute to increasing hand hygiene compliance and reducing the spread of harmful pathogens.”

Team Orbel® Spencer, Adam, Mark, Gerrod, Becks and Sofia extend thanks to all those who attended the Health Plus Care Show. Every team member enjoyed demonstrating this simple yet effective solution to the problem the healthcare industry faces every day. It was truly an exceptional experience to see this major issue solved with a swipe of just one hand – now a reality with Orbel® from XEC7 the exclusive UK Distributor.

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