XEC7 Announces Orbel® Partnership with Keyboards Specialists Ltd (KBS)


  • An infection control keyboard and the Orbel® hand sanitiser combination can reduce touch point infection, keep the workplace safe and help control the spread of viruses
  • Orbel® personal hand sanitiser’s revolutionary design uses “natural instinct” to clean hands
  • Keyboards Specialists Ltd (KBS) supplies both the private and public sectors, including the NHS, Educational Authorities and Local Councils
  • Supporting WHO 5 moment protocols fills gaps no other product can fill

London, UK – XEC7 is pleased to announce the partnership of Orbel® hand sanitiser with Keyboards Specialists (KBS) in July 2022. The revolutionary personal hand sanitiser, Orbel®, combined with the waterproof, fully cleanable and wipeable KBS keyboards, addresses the cross contamination and infection issues in healthcare settings.

Keyboards Specialists Ltd (KBS) is a leading supplier and distributor of specialist keyboards and mice. Established in 2006, KBS has grown from a start-up to a successful business supplying private and public sectors, including the NHS, Educational Authorities and Local Councils.

“The combination in this partnership is ideal,” says Spencer Hemming, CEO of the XEC7 Group the exclusive distributor. “A workplace with an infection control keyboard from KBS and the Orbel® hand sanitiser can reduce touch point infection, keep the workplace safe and help to control the spread of viruses.”

The recent pandemic has highlighted the importance of hand hygiene and keeping equipment clean. Most keyboards can be wiped, but that does not really clean them. The KBS range of infection control keyboards is built to the highest standards, with cleanliness at the heart of the project. These keyboards are waterproof, fully cleanable and wipeable, and at the same time user friendly.

With the added protection from the keyboards, users then add Orbel® personal hand sanitiser’s revolutionary design and their “natural instincts” to clean their hands. To use Orbel®, users simply swipe the unit with their palms and cover the surfaces to get the right amount of gel. The patented roller ball design and Snap-On clip system on the personal Orbel® goes wherever they go! Ideal for everyone on the move because of the instant accessibility.
With just a single swipe of the hand, enough gel releases to sanitise both hands as per the WHO recommended guidelines. Users clean their hands thoroughly, ensuring the gel spreads across the hands, even on the fingertips. After a few seconds, the hands dry, and users are ready for the next task.

“Adults retain the instinct to wipe our hands, often on whatever is nearby and accessible, including trousers. Wiping the hands is a natural instinct,” Spencer explains. “The award-winning design of Orbel® starts with neuroscientific principles to convert handwashing from high attention and time-consuming function into an instinctive, automatic process. So, now habit forms the foundation of hand hygiene in support of standards like wall-mounted hand hygiene.”

Orbel® personal hand sanitiser use fills compliance gaps no other product can fill. Healthcare facilities quickly see a dramatic surge in compliance with personal hygiene routines. This additional compliance positively impacts infection control.

“Watching the positive reactions of users as they are introduced to the combination of the Keyboards Specialists Ltd (KBS) and Orbel® hand sanitiser is an inspiring experience,” concludes Spencer.

Team Orbel® and the XEC7 Group want to extend thanks to Keyboards Specialists Ltd (KBS) as we combine forces to make a difference in the healthcare communities across the UK.